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Our highly skilled and technically diverse team of scientists and engineers apply their expertise and operational knowledge to complex cislunar issues. This team of experts is consistently challenged to devise creative solutions to some of space's most complex challenges.

Meet Our Founder

Shawn Usman is an astrophysicist and former intelligence official with over a decade of federal service in developing high-risk/high-reward technologies to support U.S. intelligence community operations. During his time in federal service Mr. Usman also developed several particle physics-based concepts to support U.S. national security interests. This included developing ideas to develop low size weight and power (SWaP) particle detection hardware for nuclear operations, mapping the Earth’s natural radioactivity, and neutral particle beam directed energy capabilities. He is is the Founder of Rhea Space Activity and a Senior Advisor to Space Fund.

During his time at RSA he has developed various technologies in the fields of infrared satellites, directed energy, artificial intelligence, LIDAR, astroparticle physics, small satellites, cislunar operations, intelligence collection, and autonomous underwater vehicles.

Chief Executive Officer


Chief Financial Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

Collider Physics Advisor

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Space Flight Advisor


GNC Engineer

Quantum Physicist

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Mechanical Engineer

Senior Principal Physicist

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