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Rendering of JAM’s wide field of view camera.

The Jervis Autonomy Module (JAM) provides navigation independent from the Global Positioning System (GPS). Boasting more than 128 years of deep space flight heritage, the underlying algorithms have been operationally proven in deep space. JAM combines these algorithms with state-of-the-art optics to enable mission critical navigation.


Key Features of JAM:


Low SWaP:  JAM consists of flight-proven computer hardware with pre-installed software a compact high-resolution optical sensor and rad-hardened readout electronics in a modular enclosure for enabling onboard, satellite-aided navigation of spacecraft and aircraft. Sold as recorded software or as a unit JAM offers a powerful capability while maintaining the following minimal size weight and power requirements:


Digital Processing Unit:

Mass: 1.20 kg

Power: 5-20 W

Volume: 140 mm x 145 mm x 45 mm

Number per Vehicle: 1 unit minimum



Mass: 0.80 kg

Power: 5 W

Volume: 90 mm x 90 mm x 170 mm

Number per vehicle: 1-3 units



Deep Space Flight Heritage: The JAM module’s digital processing unit runs a suite of software consisting of sequencing, a flight software core, and optical navigation. The JAM real-time operating flight software has its root back to the Spitzer Space Telescope, the Deep Impact mission, and with various evolved versions flying on 15 deep space missions, including OSIRIS-REx.  This real-time operating flight software combined with custom designed deep space optics make JAM operational in the most challenging environments.


Autonomous: JAM is an alternative positioning, navigation, and timing (altPNT) solution enabling autonomous navigation for vehicles in space and on the ground. JAM enables PNT and navigation wholly independent of GNSS - including GPS - solutions. On spacecraft, JAM autonomously provides the host vehicle with trajectory correction and orbital trim maneuver commands without ground contact.


Highly Integrated: JAM accurately determines the vehicle’s position and velocity by taking images of various celestial objects, such as the Moon, planets, comets, asteroids, or satellites. JAM determines its position in space relative to the target objects it images, providing highly autonomous navigation solutions with minimal input from the host vehicle. JAM provides state vector solutions similar to the output of a GPS receiver.


PACE Solution: JAM can be used as a Primary, Alternative, Contingent, or Emergency (PACE) navigation solution. JAM is a standalone PNT solution, cold-backup solution, hot-backup solution, and provides PNT situational awareness via dissimilar, non-RF, navigation methods. JAM’s autonomous guidance and navigation capabilities use only passive optics, removing susceptibility to jamming and spoofing.


Why Choose JAM?


The Jervis Autonomy Module (JAM) revolutionizes autonomous guidance, navigation, and control capabilities in all domains. Designed to outperform existing solutions and independent of GNSS, including GPS, the modularity of JAM allows for autonomy from small drones to large spacecraft. Combining disruptive technologies and deep space flight heritage, JAM offers unparalleled precision and adaptability for a wide range of operational needs.

  • Reliable: With proven software and deep space flight heritage, JAM offers a reliable navigation solution.


  • Adaptable: JAM adapts to specific spacecraft operational needs without relying on additional infrastructure.


  • Resilient: JAM enables resilient navigation for space domains by providing GNSS-independent PNT.



Customizable for Land, Sea, and Air Domains


JAM is coming soon for use in the land, sea, and air domains, allowing warfighters and equipment in the field access to GPS-denied positioning solutions.


The JAM land application uses ordinary smartphone deployment with optional optics to allow the deployed warfighter to image known satellites overhead and back out location from the time and orbital definition of the spacecraft imaged.


The JAM sea application does the same, but with specially constructed embedded computing and optics built to withstand the rigors of ocean surface operations.


The JAM air application features multiple wide-field imagers to provide aircraft a position and velocity fix from images of orbiting satellites, regardless of the orientation of the airborne platform.


Navigate your future with JAM

Empower your systems with the next generation of guidance and navigation.

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WFOV - RENDER 3 - CSZ240502.jpg

Rendering of JAM.

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