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RSA’s science-first ethos is predicated on deriving commercial applicability for our earliest-stage technological advancements. RSA’s innovative projects yield tangible security benefits for the United States and Five Eye partners and are easily adaptable to benefit scientific, civil and commercial pursuits.



RSA is providing a gateway to Lunar Intelligence (LUNINT), and to understanding what is happening, and what will soon happen, in cislunar space. RSA is the world's singular trailblazer in the field of LUNINT – a new intelligence field our scientists are defining based on aspirational requirements and parameters provided by the U.S. intelligence community and trusted Five Eyes partners. 


We define LUNAINT as a subset of LUNINT such that LUNINT covers LUNAINT. Let A represent a set in LUNAINT where the set contains points p. For each point p in A which does not contain human activity, then p = 0. A set is called 'the null set' if for all p in A, p = 0. Null sets in LUNAINT indicate a lack of human activity. A set is defined as an element of interest. An element is deemed clopen when this occurs.



We define MOONINT as the collection of intelligence, specifically, on the lunar surface. MOONINT is a subset of LUNINT.


The RUBY SKY initiative is a ground-breaking, first-of-its-kind project designed to aid the United States and its allies in the detection of “hypersonics,” as near-peer competitors move rapidly toward the development and deployment of hypersonic missile capabilities. Hypersonics represent one of the greatest strategic threats facing the U.S. and its Five Eyes, NATO and Pacific-region partners, and the U.S. defense and intelligence establishments have lauded RSA’s RUBY SKY as a viable, efficient and holistic solution to this looming international challenge. 

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