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The Quantum Lovelace Optical Augmentation Kit (QLOAK), the forefront of quantum secure communication, offers unparalleled levels of encryption and confidentiality for sensitive data transmission. QLOAK leverages cutting-edge quantum communication technology to ensure the highest standards of security across diverse sectors.

Key Features of QLOAK:

  • Blistering LaserCom and Quantum Security: QLOAK is designed to ‘bolt-on’ to existing laser communications terminals (LaserCom) and enable quantum communications (QCom) capabilities as well as LaserCom. This provides users with the lightning-fast data rates of LaserCom and the highly secure transmission of QCom. LaserCom is poised to dominate next-generation space communications and QLOAK ensures QCom’s relevance in the near term.


  • Free-Space Optics for Mobile Quantum Networks: Most QCom products are fiber-based solutions which have inherent distance limits. QLOAK’s free-space optical approach is the only feasible way to establish direct quantum links between users separated by thousands of kilometers. Free-space optics like QLOAK’s will also be essential for QCom to mobile platforms in the air, in the sea, and on land.


  • Low Probability Interception/Low Probability Detection: Laser and quantum communications are both highly directional, making interception by adversaries nearly impossible. The single photons (‘particles’ of light) used in quantum communications are incredibly difficult to detect. The randomness of quantum particles ensures that data remains confidential and secure throughout transmission, safeguarding it against unauthorized access.


  • Versatility Across Industries: QLOAK's applications can be applied to military and government sectors as well commercial sectors including telecommunications to banking and maritime operations.  QLOAK offers a robust solution for any organization seeking to enhance the security of their communications.

TD 12 Tech Demo 1 Rhea 6.png

What is Secure Quantum Communication?


Secure quantum communications harness the properties of systems governed by quantum mechanics to execute encryption protocols that are provably secure against adversaries with unlimited computing power. By exploiting the inherent randomness within quantum particles, we can distribute cryptographic ‘keys’ (i.e. random binary strings) which are essential for encryption between distant users: we call this Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). The security of QKD rests on deep quantum properties like No-Cloning (i.e. quantum information cannot be copied) and the uncertainty principle (i.e. knowledge of some system attributes precludes knowledge of others). Using QKD, eavesdroppers are unable to measure signal information with clarity, and are unable to gather statistics on signals by copying. Therefore, if an eavesdropper interferes with the signals, there is a notable increase in error  rates within the quantum signals. The quantum error rates can be monitored in real time and give an early warning when communications are compromised.


QLOAK augments LaserCom hardware to enable secure QKD and high-bandwidth LaserCom simultaneously. As secure communications technology continues to evolve, QLOAK will remain at the cutting edge. Its adaptable architecture and commitment to innovation ensure that organizations can stay ahead of emerging threats and maintain the integrity of their data in an ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity challenges. In addition, QLOAK is secured against harvest now, decrypt later (HNDL) attacks. HNDL strategies are especially threatening to the most sensitive data as attackers can wait for technology development before decrypting. QLOAK’s quantum principles have proven resilient against any HNDL attack.

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